Circuit Classes

Circuit classes are fast, fun workouts that will push you further, but are adapted for a variety of individual abilities.

Beginners use less weight and perform simpler moves than more experienced exercisers. With a maximum of six participants in a class, you can feel confident you’re being fully supervised by the physiotherapist.

In a typical session, you’ll move between six exercise stations (eg treadmill/bike, reformer, TRX, floor). You’ll do two-minute bursts at each station, until you’ve done three complete circuits… with minimal breaks!

Matt and Dec circuit class

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These classes are great for conditioning, and will increase strength and aerobic fitness as well as burn calories.

We break up the routine each week with different stations and exercises, to add variety to the challenge.

The 60-minute class always finishes with stretches.



Exercise class FAQs

Before starting one of our classes, you’ll need a one-hour assessment with a physio. This is to allows us to create an individual plan to help you reach your goals.

To make sure you get the most from your class, we will:

  • Take a detailed history of your previous injuries
  • Assess specific muscles
  • Assess your posture
  • Identify weakened areas and begin ‘retraining’
  • Provide a home exercise program and exercise manual

A few participants may need a follow-up session, which we’ll discuss with you.

To book your assessment, give us a call.

Exercise classes are payable at enrolment. The price includes expert guidance and all equipment. Simply bring your own towel, comfy clothes and well-fitting gym shoes!

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3/4 Circuit classes
$225 (5 classes) , $400 (10 classes) $355 (10 classes), $620 (20 classes) $320 (10 classes), $565 (20 classes) $350

Our classes are claimable through most private health funds – call your fund to discuss as coverage varies.

*Rate to be paid upfront for participants booking onto a specific weekly class. We do not credit or refund missed classes and classes are not transferable. Missed classes may be made up at another Bay Active class dependent on availability. Fees are non-negotiable and receipts are issued once all classes purchased in a 5, 10, or 20 packs are used up. In case of unexpected low numbers, we reserve the right to change the class time or class level at any time.

Since April, the Department of Health has removed private health insurance rebates for “Pilates” classes. ‘Pilates-informed’ exercises prescribed by physiotherapists are rebateable.
Importantly, Bay Active Physiotherapy has run functional rehabilitation exercise classes for more than 20 years.

Our classes have always been Pilates-informed.

Our group exercise classes have a motor control focus with an emphasis on core stability.They incorporate elements of Pilates, yoga and strength training. As experienced physiotherapists we have a background knowledge of injury and pathology.

We understand why you are injured and how the body works. We use this knowledge together with the latest evidence based research to formulate a safe and effective exercise program that delivers real and measurable results.

We have always strived to monitor our clients and cater to each individuals needs.

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