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Ergonomics and workstation set-up

Headaches, sore necks and shoulders, back pain… injuries caused by our deskbound lives are often accepted as normal.

But pain isn’t normal, and problems caused by poor posture or workstation set-ups are bad both for individuals and businesses.

Bay Active Physio offers worksite assessments to both employees and companies to:

  • Find what’s causing your pain
  • Help prevent some of the most common work-related injuries before they happen
  • Give advice about the most productive work station set-up for individual employees
  • Recommend product purchases

Our senior physio Jane Parry has previously worked as a rehabilitation consultant and brings her skills to Bay Active Physiotherapy to analyse workstations and postures individually, adjust what she can while we’re there, and give advice on manual handling/lifting, stretching and other workplace habits.

She can also help you develop a strategy on office ergonomics, including how to get the most out of your existing facilities, and anything you might need to change.

For a taste of our recommendations print out our factsheet.

Ashleigh Ehrenfeld - Paediatric Occupational Therapist


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