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Level 1

  • Basic class where you gain familiarity with fundamental exercises and postures

  • At this level, repetition is everything
  • Participants usually have some degree of pain or may have just finished a course of treatment and need to learn how to exercise correctly in order to avoid exacerbation
  • You will be closely mornitored by the class physiotherapist to ensure you are exercising correctly
  • The aim is to shift the focus from pain to function
  • We also try to erase old habits which have caused movement dysfunctions and increase participants body awareness and postural awareness, ie switching off unwanted muscle activity whilst switching on the correct muscle groups
  • Most participants in Level 1 notice a reduction in their symptoms within a term of classes and then progress to Level 2
  • In 2014 we are now offering a 5 weeks program to escalate and encourage progress

Level 2

  • Builds on exercises learnt in Level 1

  • Participants start to notice a greater improvement in symptoms as the exercise progressions start to focus on gaining strength and endurance
  • Classes begin to follow themed weeks, ie “ball week” and a greater variety of equipment is used
  • Participants are gradually introduced to a broader range of exercises

Level 3

  • Our most popular level of class

  • Participants build on the skills learned in level 1 and 2, and are generally presumed to now be pain free
  • Classes focus on a different theme each week (eg shoulder, gait, abdominals, band, ball, extensors, neck, roller etc)
  • The focus is on increasing strength, endurance, coordination, flexibility and challenging balance
  • New exercises are introduced each term to encourage and challenge participants

Level 4

  • As per Level 3 but generally progressing strength, endurance and flexibility
  • These classes are not inhibited by biomechanical or pain disorders and some of the exercises are similar to those performed in a regular gym
  • Exercises are dynamic and often complex to challenge multiple body areas
  • Classes also follow themed weeks and include such exercises as “planks”, full squats, lunges, side planks, sit ups with and without swiss balls, full push ups etc…
  • New exercises are developed and introduced each term to challenge participants


  • New class developed and introduced in January 2014

  • Builds on strength and skills acquired in Level 3 and 4
  • Has an added cardio component and extra degree of difficulty with complex postures, increased repetitions, longer “hold”times and heavier weights encouraged.

Ashleigh Ehrenfeld - Paediatric Occupational Therapist


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