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We welcome everyone, from people who’ve never seen a physio before to complex, harder-to-treat cases. Here is what you need to know about our services.

Your first visit

To save time at your first appointment, you can fill out the attached form and return it to us by email at


Appointments take place in our comfortable, private treatment rooms in Double Bay. We can also arrange home visits. Contact us!

Your first appointment will typically last up to 45 minutes.

A physiotherapist will:

  • Ask you exactly what you most want from your session, to ensure we prioritize your time the way you want us to
  • Ask questions about your general health and lifestyle
  • Ask questions about your condition, how it started, how it affects you day-to-day, and any previous treatments
  • Ask what makes your condition better or worse, to help us with both diagnosis and treatment choices
  • Help you define your goals when it comes to your health
  • Examine you
  • Make a diagnosis
  • Discuss a treatment plan and establish what level of involvement you want from your therapist, to fit both your budget and your expectations

Everything you say is confidential, and we take time to listen.

We will also explain the reasons behind treatments, monitor your recovery, and discuss whether you’re ready to finish treatment.

Initial consultations cost $189 with any of our physiotherapists.

This fee includes a consultation for up to 45 minutes, a letter of communication to your GP or specialist and ongoing communication with all of your other health practitioners such as personal trainers or podiatrists. We follow you up closely to see how you have responded to treatment and to make sure you are happy with the process.

We also offer home visits, Saturday appointments and extended consultations – please see our complete fees table.

Fees & charges

Thank you for choosing Bay Active. We always endeavour to provide you with an exceptionally high-quality service and believe this results in a faster resolution of your problem, requiring fewer visits overall. Below are our fees from February 2024.

(Please Note: Saturday appointments incur a $5 surcharge)

Principal Physiotherapist ESWT / Shockwave Therapy Post Cosmetic Surgery Physiotherapy Exercise Physiology
Initial Consultation $189 Initial ESWT consultation (45mins) – $179 Initial Consultation $189 Initial Consultation $182
Standard Consultation (30 min) $132 Standard ESWT consultation (30mins) – $129 Standard Consultation $132 Standard Consultation (30 min) $110
Extended Consultation (45 min) $182 Extended ESWT consultation (45mins) – $169 Extended Consultation (45 min) $182 Extended Consultation (45 min) $137
Extended Consultation (1 hour) $237 Shockwave only (15mins) – $80 Extended Consultation (1 hour) $237 Extended Consultation (1 hour) $166

To get a Medicare rebate for physiotherapy you’ll need to be eligible for the Enhanced Primary Care Program (EPC) and have a referral form from your GP. You’ll pay full fees upfront but you can usually expect to receive the rebate within five days.

We have a HICAPS machine so you can claim from private health funds on the spot and pay only a gap (the difference between the full fee and the amount your health fund will cover). Please be sure to bring your health fund card.

It’s best to wear something comfy plus trainers or other supportive footwear. We like to see as much of you as we can when we examine, so have a think about what you feel comfortable dressing down to (ideally your undergarments/swim wear/bike pants and crop tops). We have spare shorts available.

There is a secure car park nearby in Cross Street. Parking is free for stays under one hour. Travelling out of the city along New South Head Road, turn left into Cross Street and immediately right into the car park.

It’s no problem – please just give us 24 hours’ notice so we can offer your appointment to another patient.

If less than 24 hours’ notice is given, you’ll need to pay the full appointment fee.

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