Swing Improvement & Golf Injury Management.

Golf Swing Improvement and Golf Injuries Management.

Tom has dedicated himself to mastering the golf-swing, drawing knowledge from the experts at the Titleist Performance Institute. Tom is a dedicated physiotherapist, who seamlessly merges his expertise with his passion, offering his patients specialized care in Golf Swing Improvement and Golf Injuries Management.

His expertise can help you overcome physical limitations that hinder your ideal swing. Using a comprehensive assessment protocol, Tom analyzes every aspect of your golf swing and collaborates with you to enhance your physical capabilities, unlocking your full swing potential.

He offers a range of services, including in-person exercise sessions, hands-on treatments, and remote exercise programming, all tailored to optimize your swing.

If you’re looking to bolster your physical abilities and subsequently refine your swing, Tom partners with you and your club’s teaching professional. Together, they can craft a customized routine that maximizes your physical potential while perfecting your golf swing.

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