Bra Fitting

A correctly fitting bra is important to protect the breast connective tissue and avoid undue stress on your neck and back.

There are two main types of bras that most women need: a daily bra and sports bra. These bras have different functions and therefore different fitting requirements.

Daily Bra

  • Fit is the most important factor in buying a bra.
  • 80% of the support from your bra should be around the chest band.
  • The centre front should sit flat against your sternum and the underwire should sit flat against your ribs (not on your breast tissue)
  • Always try on the bra on the loosest hook and eye fastening as the bra will stretch over time.
  • Start by getting the back size correct, then focus on the cup size.
  • Your bra should be comfortable to wear, not ride up, nor the straps dig into your shoulders.
  • If you have any of these issues or find yourself adjusting your bra, you are likely in the wrong bra.
  • Be mindful that breasts differ greatly in shape, so some styles or brands may not work for you. Additionally, sizing varies between brands and even within brands, so take the time to try on a variety of styles and sizes to make sure you get a good fit.

Sports Bra

  • A sports bra relies on compression, not uplift, to support your breasts and minimise movement during Exercise.
  • It should have a wide band under your breasts and extend up high enough to stop your breasts bouncing upward out of the bra.
  • A hook and eye closure at the back is preferable, as these have a firmer fit because you do not need to pull them over your head.

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