Pre + Post Natal Core & Pelvic Floor Strengthening

Whether your baby is on the way, or you are a new mum; your body has taken a large amount of weight and toll on your joints, abdominals, and pelvic floor.

Weakness in the local stabilizing muscles of your joints may cause:

  • joint-related back
  • pelvic pain
  • discomfort in the pelvic floor area

There are specific common conditions that are caused by weak core or pelvic floor, these include:

  • Diastasis Rectus Abdominus (DRAM: abdominal wall separation)
  • Incontinence and prolapse postpartum
  • Thoracic and cervical pain (postural related pain from feeding baby)
  • Lower back pain (hormonal or poor posture related pain)
  • Pelvic floor discomfort (weakness and pain).

Local stabilising muscles assist your body in moving well and subconsciously without pain or instability.

After a comprehensive assessment to accurately test the endurance, strength and activation of your pelvic floor and core muscles, we will teach you how to effectively switch on and off your pelvic floor muscles to reduce or prevent chronic pain and long-term dysfunctions.

Benefits of our Pre + Post-natal Core & Pelvic floor one-on-one session:

  • Improve your posture and well-being
  • Prevent or reduce abdominal wall separation
  • Whole body general strengthening and fitness
  • Core and pelvic floor strengthening
  • Increasing flexibility and balance

If you feel that you are suffering with any of these conditions, we recommend booking with our experienced physiotherapists who can help guide you in the right direction of hands-on treatment, a fitness session or both.

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