About Us

“Our ultimate aim is to give you the tools to manage your own pain”

Our patients expect evidence-based treatments, efficient service and hands-on, experienced staff. We aim to go beyond these expectations. That’s why we’re thrilled to have been named as finalists for Health and Wellbeing Business of the Year 2017 in the Optus My Business Awards.

Here are a few more things we’re really proud of:

We’re experienced

Our comfortable private clinic has been delivering hands-on, innovative physio treatment close to Sydney’s CBD and Eastern suburbs since 1994, when two existing practices amalgamated.

Most of our 11 physios have a master’s degree and/or more than 10 years’ clinical experience. Our ultimate aim is to give you the tools to manage your own pain.

We’re led by science, driven by caring.

Our physiotherapists use treatments based on the best new medical research, but your time with us is always hands-on and completely tailored to your needs.

We target the cause of your pain.

For a quick recovery you need an accurate diagnosis. Our physios have advanced clinical reasoning skills to assess the functioning of your joints and muscles and find the root cause of your pain.

We go further.

Good physiotherapy empowers you to help your own recovery and stay injury-free for longer.

Our treatment plans focus on active therapies and education, and we regularly touch base to see how you’re going and/or answer any follow-up questions.

We’re inclusive.

Nobody has time to be in pain, whether you’re a grandparent or a professional sportsperson.

With 11 physios, we have experience in areas ranging from chronic head, neck and back pain or acute sporting injuries to cancer rehab and arthritis. We also have a proven track record helping school-age children.

We encourage all patients to see at least two of our practitioners within four treatments and we work together on more complex cases. We also refer on to specialists or x-ray when needed.

We respect your time.

We aim to run on schedule. We also promise never to overtreat, and to be upfront if your condition isn’t improving as well as we think it should.

Our great relationships with doctors and other interested parties also help ensure timely referrals and follow-on care.

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