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Your patients deserve the best result, so how can you feel confident you’re sending them to the right physiotherapist? How can you trust their physio will manage them appropriately and not risk outcomes by pushing them too hard?

Bay Active Physio has 11 physiotherapists with an average of more than 10 years’ experience, and we always welcome referrals. We regularly co-consult on difficult cases, have clinical education fortnightly, and strive to ensure timely and open communication with surgeons and other healthcare professionals.

We make both written and verbal communication a priority because we believe the best outcomes happen when everyone managing a client is talking the same language.

Bay Active Physio can continue your patient’s gold-standard care and support following surgery.

We provide a flexible rehab approach depending on the patient’s physical and emotional needs. It could include:

  • Intensive hands-on and supervised one-on-one exercise rehab
  • Occasional progression appointments to review current exercises
  • Correcting performance and pushing to the next stage
  • Exercise classes where they can complete their own program under guidance

We understand different surgeons prefer different approaches, and are happy for these to shape our work.

We also understand the impact language can have on the patient’s recovery. We always offer your patients a positive environment, an optimistic outlook, and timely recommendation to review with their surgeon if there are any underlying concerns.

We promise written communication following the first couple of appointments, outlining the patient-specific goals and any issues which we’ve identified as likely to hinder their achievement

Do you find your time is often filled with the emotional needs of your patients following surgery and their concerns about the speed of recovery?

Do you want the best results – and overall experience – for your patients?

Bay Active Physio has been assisting plastic surgeons in the Eastern Suburbs for over 15 years with soft tissue management for breast augmentations, abdominoplasty, facelifts, gynecomastia and liposuction.

We will:

  • Use hands-on techniques and ultrasound, to promote lymphatic drainage and manage scar tissue breakdown
  • Teach patients self-massage, scar monitoring, and information about the healing process generally
  • Address both their emotional recovery and any musculoskeletal pain resulting from postural changes
  • Give you written communication following the first appointment, and send your patient back for review if any concerns arise

We understand that today’s patients want holistic care – not just immediate pain relief – and to manage their pain from a wide range of approaches.

Our practitioners are experienced in differential diagnosis of musculoskeletal conditions. We can clarify if headaches and dizziness may be musculoskeletal in origin, treat BPPV and manage both chronic neck pain and headaches as well as acute wry necks and whiplash.

We see all sports conditions, provide boots and braces for acute recovery and EXOS casting for upper limb fractures. We also excel in post-operative rehabilitation, bridging the gap between in-house rehab and at-home recovery.

We run comprehensive pilates-style classes for patients who need supervised exercise for conditions such as acute lower back pain and chronic neck pain, as well as complex medical conditions like MS, rheumatoid arthritis or Parkinson’s.

We promise written communication regarding your patient and will be available to take your call directly to discuss their case or referral.

Do you offer the best possible service to your clients? Part of this is recognising where and when your client needs other professional support and services.

We are a large physiotherapy practice open six days a week and can guarantee an appointment with one of our physios within 24 hours.

We promise:

  • A thorough assessment of your clients’ strengths and weaknesses, postural habits, flexibility and muscle patterns
  • Advice about how these may be contributing to their pain or hindering recovery
  • A detailed explanation to the client about the findings
  • To liaise with you and anyone else in their treatment team

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