Exercise Prescription

Careful, appropriate movement is crucial when you’re recovering from injury, illness or surgery.

Our physiotherapists routinely prescribe exercises to restore strength and muscle balance.

Exercises prescribed by Bay Active physiotherapists will always be:

  • Tailored to you and your problem, body type and movement or exercise goals
  • Suitable for the space you’ll be doing them in, whether that’s at home, in a gym or somewhere else
  • Simple or dynamic and challenging – the choice is yours
  • Goal-driven to help you stay motivated
  • Regularly monitored, so you can see how you’re improving

Your exercises will be your number one tool for getting back to your best, and staying there.

Fitness programs

Our physios also design exercise programs for people who want help getting active or staying active, such as after a difficult diagnosis.

Our fitness programs can be designed to:

  • Maintain fitness during injury
  • Return to activity after surgery
  • Promote healthy ageing
  • Improve balance or mobility
  • Help you recover from a stroke
  • Promote strength and mobility for people with long-term conditions, such as MS, Parkinson’s or arthritis
  • Encourage an active lifestyle after a cancer diagnosis

We also offer physiotherapist-led classes.

If you feel you could benefit from a supported fitness or activity program please talk to your physio or call the reception team.

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