Affiliated Services

We know our physios are pretty amazing, but even they can’t do everything. Below are our recommendations for other services in the local area:

Personal training and fitness


Hype-free fitness for all ages, in a friendly environment

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Personal training and fitness

Longevity Personal Training and Exercise Physiology

A top team of exercise providers where health comes first
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Podiatry and orthotics

Foot Injury Clinic

Russel Rubin is one of our two go-to for podiatry, with extensive knowledge of gait analysis for runners, and a research degree on osteoarthritis in knees

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Hydro at Waverley

Offering water based injury rehabilitation or more commonly called Hydrotherapy. Aquatic Physiotherapy, is injury rehabilitation completed entirely in water in a purpose built hydrotherapy pool. The aim of Aquatic Physiotherapy is to decrease pain, increase range of movement and flexibility as well as develop muscle strength and general fitness.

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Paediatric Occupational Therapy

Easter Suburbs Paediatric O.T

Ashleigh is passionate about delivering high quality service with your family’s goals at the centre of the therapeutic process. She focuses in creating success by developing skills from the foundation up, through play.

Paediatric O.T. is about “building kids from the ground up to empower them to participate and have success in every day activities.”

For more informations, visit or, give Ashleigh a call: 0452 330 011
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PodMed Podiatry

Sam Christie
B.App.Sc (Podiatry), M.A.P.A, M.S.M.A

Our local go-to for podiatry. Sam and his team have upheld a high standard of podiatry services for our patients. Sam and his experienced team don’t just over-prescribe orthotics, but actually take the time to assess the cause (not just the symptoms), provide relevant exercises and manual techniques if required; to correct the foot posture of patients of all ages.
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Linda Cummines
B. Sc, Dip Nutrition and Dietetics

As an experienced dietician and nutritionist, Linda has taught a lot of our patients about having a healthy relationship with food, and assisting patients with controlling their diabetes and heart conditions. Linda also helps patients with irritable bowel syndrome, weight loss management, provides nutritional support for cancer patients as well as hospital and Aged Care Food Service consultancy.
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Family Psychologist

Sian Khuman
B.Psychology Hons (USYD), Masters of Couple and Family Therapy (UNSW).

Sian is a trusted family psychologist who has been seen as an expert in the field of relationships and has often appeared in the media. Sian treats various developmental disorders, such as ADHD, personality and attachment conditions.
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