EMG stands for electromyography, and it’s a way of measuring muscle activity both at rest and in use.

It involves placing an electrode pad on your skin surface to read and measure the muscle’s electrical activity. This helps us assess both dysfunctional overrecruitment of certain muscles, as well as retrain underrecruiting muscles

We also use it as an innovative way of providing biofeedback – that is, helping you retrain muscles and improve motor control with visual cues.

We most commonly use this to down train, or teach you how to relax muscles around your neck and shoulders. It is particularly useful for those who feel constantly tight and achy in the neck and shoulders or suffer from chronic headaches related to muscle tension.

It is also useful to help retrain or switch on muscles that are being underused. The most common areas are around your knee, to better balance your muscles attached to your kneecap and help prevent patellofemoral pain syndrome.

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