Orthopaedic Braces

At Bay Active Physiotherapy we provide a wide range of orthopaedic braces and supports which can assist post-injury and to improve rehabilitation and improving performance.
Our functional ankle, knee, wrist and elbow braces, provide support during recovery and protection during return to sport.

Boot Fitting

Providing protection, stability and comfort while controlling oedema the Aircast Lower Limb Boot are clinically proven to be effective in healing fractures and managing oedema.

With front and side aircells, it allows for a complete contact fit which can be personalised to the individual and their injury. The integrated inflation system allows patients to easily adjust the aircell pressures themselves and without a pump. The sleek, durable, semi-rigid shell helps support and protect the limb, and the lightweight lab-tested rocker sole encourages a natural gait and supports everyday activities.

Is a Boot suitable for you?

  • Specifically designed for stable fractures of the lower leg, foot, and ankle
  • Severe ankle sprains
  • Post–operative use

Exos Casting

Exos wrist, thumb and arm braces provide splint support to patients with injuries requiring stabilization such as fractures and sprains by moulding it directly to the anatomy for a customizable fit. The comfortable Exos bracing system allows you to return to your normal lifestyle faster with greater convenience.

There is no cast-saw required to remove the brace and the waterproof properties allow for easy skin and brace hygiene, as well as an ability to be active in the water. Ask your physiotherapist at Bay Active Physiotherapist about EXOS Upper Extremity Braces, the world’s first fully customizable, adjustable, reformable and waterproof bracing system.

Benefits of the EXOS Bracing System:

  • Customisable and adjustable fitting for the patient allowing for acute swelling pressure control and an improved fit
  • Exos is waterproof which means children and athletes can stay active and continue their regular daily activities
  • Although the Exos brace is custom fitted to your patient, it can be removed under the advice of your physiotherapist
  • You can perform X-Rays without taking the Exos brace off.
  • The Exos Cast is designed for hygiene and is easy to wash

Speak to your Bay Active Physiotherapist today about our range of braces and casts today and get back to moving well as soon as possible.

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