Functional Exercise Classes

Our exercise classes are designed by qualified therapists and take place in our modern, comfortable gym. We run various classes to suit a variety of needs.


Core stability classes for back and neck pain

Our core classes are specifically designed to help you get active again after a period of back pain, neck pain, headache or whiplash.

In these one-hour classes (except for the ‘Be Active’ Classes for which the duration is 45 minutes), your instructor will use physio, yoga and Pilates to help you strengthen and engage the deep muscles that support your spine and neck – what’s known as core stability.

Research suggests these deep core muscles often become inactive after an episode of back or neck pain.

When you’ve had an injury, learning to engage these muscles correctly isn’t always easy. Our therapists will be able to guide you.

Classes are limited to six to eight participants so we can target your needs.

Once you’ve learnt to engage your core in an easy position, we’ll move on to more challenging ones using weights, bands, balls, rollers, steps and hula hoops, progressing through carefully stepped levels.

Be Active classes are designed for those patients who require closer assistance and support in their exercises. These classes are slower paced, do not require participants to get down on the floor, and are excellent for our aged or injured members.

Duration: 45 minutes

Active Foundation classes are beginners classes, teaching the fundamentals of rehabilitative exercises, e.g. body alignment, breathing, core contraction, fundamental movements.

Previously named “level 1 & 2”, the Active Intermediate class targets participants with a basic knowledge and experience in rehabilitative exercises and have achieved a sufficient level of competency required for more challenging and demanding exercise.

Previously named “levels 3 & 4”, the Active Advanced class progresses our exercises to a more demanding or challenging level, integrating a higher level of strength and conditioning, balance and proprioception (body awareness) into the repertoire.

This class targets patients who have fully rehabilitated from an injury and who have no contraindications to exercise. A high level of competency is required in these exercises classes as the intensity of exercises is high.

Over time, correct movement and posture will become automatic – helping you stay active and pain-free.

Learning to reactivate your core muscles can:

  • Reduce back pain
  • Help prevent back pain from returning later on – reducing the risk of recurrence from 80% to 30%, according to University of Queensland research

Exercise class FAQs

Before starting one of our classes, you’ll need a one-hour assessment with a physio. This is to allows us to create an individual plan to help you reach your goals.

To make sure you get the most from your class, we will:

  • Take a detailed history of your previous injuries
  • Assess specific muscles
  • Assess your posture
  • Identify weakened areas and begin ‘retraining’
  • Provide a home exercise program and exercise manual

A few participants may need a follow-up session, which we’ll discuss with you.

To book your assessment, give us a call.

Exercise classes are payable at enrolment. The price includes expert guidance and all equipment. Simply bring your own towel, comfy clothes and well-fitting gym shoes!

Active Foundation Be Active Active Intermediate Active Advanced
$225 for 5 classes pack $380 (10 classes), $722 (20 classes, includes 1 free class). $380 (10 classes), $722 (20 classes, includes 1 free class). $380 (10 classes), $722 (20 classes, includes 1 free class).

Our classes are claimable through most private health funds – call your fund to discuss as coverage varies.

*Rate to be paid upfront for participants booking onto a specific weekly class. We do not credit or refund missed classes and classes are not transferable.

  • In 2024, our 24-hour cancellation policy must be enforced.  Please ensure you either cancel your class booking online, with your class instructor or with our Admin team.  If 24 hours’ notice has not been given, the full fee for that class will be charged or deducted from your package.

Fees are non-negotiable and receipts are issued once all classes purchased in a 5, 10, or 20 packs are used up. In case of unexpected low numbers, we reserve the right to change the class time or class level at any time.

The Department of Health has removed private health insurance rebates for “Pilates” classes. ‘Pilates-informed’ exercises prescribed by physiotherapists are rebateable.
Importantly, Bay Active Physiotherapy has run functional rehabilitation exercise classes for more than 20 years.

Our classes have always been Pilates-informed.

Our group exercise classes have a motor control focus with an emphasis on core stability. They incorporate elements of Pilates, yoga and strength training. As experienced physiotherapists we have a background knowledge of injury and pathology.

We understand why you are injured and how the body works. We use this knowledge together with the latest evidence-based research to formulate a safe and effective exercise program that delivers real and measurable results.

We have always strived to monitor our clients and cater to each individual’s needs.

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