Clinical Pilates

APPI Pilates combines Pilates with physiotherapy principles, offering tailored exercises for rehabilitation, injury prevention, and overall wellness. It emphasizes controlled movements, precise alignment, and mindful breathing to enhance core strength, flexibility, and posture, catering to various fitness levels and specific rehabilitation needs.

1 : 1 Packs1 hourSave45 minSave
Pack of 5$1075$55$825$40
Pack of 10$2100$160$1600$130

Discover our DUO sessions! Even in a shared experience, our physiotherapist ensures strong supervision, making the DUO sessions both stimulating and supportive. Check out our price list below:

DUO Packs1 hourSave45 minSave
Pack of 5$525$40$400$32.50
Pack of 10$1000$130$750$115

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