Core Strength & Posture

As physios we have seen too many movement dysfunctions in our patients, which lead to long-term chronic neck, back and pelvic pains or arthritis of joints.

This is commonly due to a lack of motor control in the local small and stabilising muscles between each joint, while your global large muscles are over-active causing a muscle imbalance.

Patients tend to hold their breath and develop mal-adaptive breathing and movement patterns adding to the soreness in their joints, as well as not having a clear understanding of their body’s poor adaptive strategies.

This is where we come in as experienced physios, who thoroughly assess gross movement, motor control and look for the main cause of your symptoms and condition.

Our physios will assist you to address these issues for the long-term help and not just treat the symptoms.

With effective hands-on treatment using various of modalities, to improve your symptoms, we will first get you back to functioning at your full potential. We will also teach you the correct breathing techniques, adequate posture and alignment, as well as providing you with helpful cues of how to activate your pelvic floor and core muscles properly; to prevent further pains and issues in everyday life.

Once you are ready to progress to the next phase, we will provide you with a mat Pilates exercise program during our one-on-one sessions in the clinic, teaching you all the exercises that are tailored to your needs. You then can continue one-on-one in the clinic practicing a mix of mat and reformer Pilates or you can begin a weekly class or two; to improve all your techniques in a group setting.

Whatever is your preferred style of working out is we got your covered!

Please refer to our timetable for group session times, so you can find a time that suits your busy lifestyle.

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