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Tom grew up playing sport and quickly realized if he wanted to be involved in the highest level it was going to need to be from the sidelines.

After his first sporting injury in high school, he realised physio was going to be the job for him. Wearing shorts to work and a gym in the office – how good!

He completed his degree at the Australian Catholic University in North Sydney in 2017 and since then has worked with weekend warriors through to professional sporting teams.


Tom has a keen interest in all things exercise related. He has a background in strength and conditioning and firmly believes that recovery from injury doesn’t just happen on the treatment table – it needs to be progressed to the gym.

But what makes him even more special is his expertise in golf-related injury.

Tom has been delving deeper into the golf swing and learning from the experts at the Titleist Performance Institute. He is excited to show you how to best improve physical limitations that may prevent you from swinging how you want to. Using a thorough assessment protocol Tom can go through all the features of your golf swing and work with you to improve your physical limitations and unlock the range you need to swing your best. 

Offering services from in person exercise sessions, hands on treatment all the way through to remote exercise programming to improve your swing – for all things golf, Tom is your man! 

Should you wish to improve your physical tool kit and THEN work on your swing itself Tom is more than happy to work with you and your club’s teaching pro to build out a routine that will maximise your physical capabilities whilst you work on your swing. 

If you’re looking to return to sport, training, or life stronger than when you walk in – he is your guy.

If you’d like to get to know Tommy a little better, feel free to check out his Instagram: for all things physio-related, exercise and his dog Hal!

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